NLP Practitioner - Welcombe March 2018

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  • Internationally accredited NLP training
  • Both Trainers, Norman Hinks, & Eric Moore are fully qualified and licensed trainers of NLP
  • We keep our training groups relatively small - because this allows all attendees time to experience NLP first hand, ask questions, watch demonstrations, conduct techniques and skills they are learning
  • Create more excellence and success in your life
  • Communicate with power and effectiveness
  • Our training venue has been carefully selected to provide the right atmosphere and setting for practice learning and discussion
  • Two course lunch and full refreshments included
  • Includes the SNLP License Fee and certificate
  • No jargon, no hidden extras, no additional fees to pay
  • At the end of your 7 day training course you will be an internationally accredited NLP Practitioner
  • Early Bird Discount

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Monday 4th May - Sunday 11th May 2018

9:00am - 6:00pm

At The Welcombe Hotel, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire


NLP training throughout the world has been able to draw people together from many diverse backgrounds and create an informal and enjoyable environment in which to learn.

Graduates in NLP seminars have become respected leaders in their fields, and come from all over the world.

Many have said that the seminar is a turning point in their lives.

We teach using NLP so that you experience the changes that happen on both a personal level, and when working with others, in a secure, safe, and fun environment.


What Happens In Our Seminars?

Our seminars are held in a wonderful location, in beautiful surroundings, where participants are taught beyond the fundamentals of the Practitioner level qualification, and also advanced hypnotic techniques.

Realising how your brain operates, and how you can design and change internal programs to change the way you enjoy life.

Welcombe Room

We keep the groups small, which provides an excellent ratio, and opportunities for discussion, practise, play and learning.

When time permits you are encouraged to explore the 140 acres of grounds within the fantastic venue, and reconnect with nature and oneself.

Refreshments are provided during the day as well as a two course lunch in the award winning Trevelyan Restaurant.


Our Trainings

Each course you do with us is a unique, exciting, custom and fun experience

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We continually upgrade the content and presentation to incorporate the most up to date skills and techniques available in the field of NLP

During the training programme, you will be exposed to an entertaining variety of presentation and practical exercises designed to promote the perfect environment of conscious learning and unconscious installation.

You will often be pleasantly surprised at how much you will have learned by the end of each day, and during the weeks that following the event, you will realise new skills and behaviours that will help you really succeed in life.


What's in it for Me?

    • Powerful positive empowering beliefs to change your life
    • A model which provides accurate feedback of any situation
    • Setting compelling goals and how to achieve them rapidly
    • The secrets of how to influence and build trust
    • How to create instant rapport, and how to break it
    • Control of your voice as a tool for change
    • How you experience the world internally as well as externally
    • Effective questioning, getting to the root of the challenge
    • Use the five senses to fully engage with others
    • How to change unwanted habits, beliefs, and feelings instantly
    • Remove unwanted fears and phobias
    • Use language in a powerful way to create change
    • Feel great in an instant, using anchors
    • Gain powerful tools to see all points of view in any situations
    • Challenge objections in a powerful way and keep rapport
    • In the workplace, become more effective and successful
    • Use the skills in every aspect of your life
    • Learn how to become fully congruent with who you really are
    • Release old beliefs, values and strategies
    • Effective timeline skills, how to change the past
    • Design your future using timelines
    • Use other people's skills and success a25s a strategy for yourself
    • Advanced Hypnotic techniques
    • Free access to our forum
    • Stunningly beautiful learning environment
    • Complimentary Refreshments and Lunch provided


Practitioner Level Standards

This is a general list of the requirements for certification.

Demonstration of ability to identify the following basic skills,
techniques, patterns, and concepts of NLP, and to utilize them
competently with self and with others.

1.Behavioural integration of the basic presuppositions of NLP:
2. Rapport, establishment and maintenance of;
3. Pacing and leading (verbally and non-verbally);
4. Calibration (sensory experience);
5. Representational Systems (predicates and accessing cues);
6. Meta-Model;
7. Milton Model;
8. Elicitation of well-formed states, ecological outcomes and structures;
9. Overlap and Translation;
10. Metaphor creation;
11. Frames; Contrast, Relevancy, AS IF, Backtrack;
12. Anchoring (V,A,K);
13. Anchoring techniques;
14. Ability to shift consciousness to external or internal as required;
15. Dissociation and Association;
16. Chunking;
17. Submodalities;
18. Verbal and non-verbal elicitation of responses;
19. Accessing and building of resources;
20. Logical Levels;
21. Reframing;
22. Timeline;
23. Strategies: Detection, elicitation, utilization and installation;
24. Demonstration of behavioural flexibility;


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